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Butt Welding

Butt welding (or alternatively butt-welding) is the act of welding two similar plastics together. Buttwelding can be used to run a processing machine continuously, as opposed to having to restart such machine with a new supply of plastics.

Ritmo Spa provides a wide range of butt welding machines such as electrohydraulic welders, fittings machines and manual welders.

This is a workshop butt welding machine designed to fabricate fittings like bends, wyes (Y), tees and crosses (up to Ø 630 mm) by joining pipe segments, with the help of special clamps. All clamps opening/closing and locking movements are controlled hydraulically.

This is butt welding machine is Composed of:
  1. a machine body with two hydraulically controlled carriages;
  2. a control panel on which we find the hydraulic controls (lever for opening and closing the carriages, clamps opening/closing and locking, milling cutter and heating plate movements), the electric and electronic controls (switches for the milling cutter and heating plate, the automatic electronic temperature control device, timer for the heating and welding phases, acoustic and visual indicator);
  3. a heating plate that slides on recirculating ball slideways;
  4. a milling cutter that slides on recirculating ball slideways, electrically controlled for levelling the ends of pipes and/or fittings;
  5. an upper cylinder, to be positioned on the clamps, for welding extra thick pipes and/or whenever it's necessary to use high pressures.
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